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za šk.g. 2021./2022.




Trnsko Primary School is situated in the part of Zagreb called Novi Zagreb. There are about 600 students from Trnsko and neighbouring Trokut city blocks, organized in 26 groups. Unlike other students, students from 1st to 3rd grade (seven groups) have classes from morning through the afternoon.

We are proud of our rich school curriculum, filled with a multitude of extracurricular activities, electives, and important projects.

For many years now, we have been quite successful in sports, especially in basketball at the State Championships. The students are extremely successful in film festivals and English language competitions. Lower primary students enjoy participating in extracurricular activities such as folklore dance, puppetry and dance groups. The school amenities include two ICT labs, and in the lower primary grades there is ICT in form of an extracurricural activity. 3rd graders enjoy the so called German playroom extracurricular activity, prior to choosing German as a second foreign language in the 4th grade. This project of early German language acquisition was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Education. Since 2017 our school has carried the title of an International Eco School.

 In Trnsko Primary School there are three active teams: Eco Team, EU Team and Team for Quality, all of which highly  influence the development of the school curriculum through various initiatives. The teams' members prepare two to three major projects each year reaching out to the local community and beyond.

Out of the 48 teachers in our school 15 are teacher-mentors or teacher-councilors, including one Head of County Teacher Councils.

In the school year 2015/2016 we became a so called e-school, offering parents and students easier access to their grades, absence notification and all other relevant information via the Internet. This step represents a great challenge and progress for our school which strives to be a modern, open and technologically advanced school.

We will continue to do our best to be a democratic, multinational and multicultural school that teaches children life skills and the kind of school that they love and see as useful.

We will strive to create an atmosphere of tolerance and cooperation to enable students to acquire the skills needed for their further education.

Our main goals are to enable each learner to develop to the best of their abilities and to acquire basic competences needed in further life, as well as to develop creativity, innovation, open-mindedness, winning mentality, self-confidence, critical thinking skills, social and communication skills, trust and confidence in each other in a positive and nurturing atmosphere.

I hope that we will always strive to achieve the set goals in the spirit of collaboration and togetherness.

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